The purpose of this web is to enhance that support services, provided to all staff. We provide information here to help you to resolve administrative issues, to obtain expected data, and to suggest improvements to our system and services



The Lam Construction Group will be internationally recognized as a leading engineering contractor consistently exceeding customer; employee and shareholder expectations 



The Lam Construction Group will be a dynamic, innovative and profitable organisation focusing on providing value added solutions to meet customer needs



Our Company belives that business success is dependant upon our ability to meet the needs of our customers as well as all the underlying statutory requirements (where applicable) in terms of quality, cost, programme, safety and environmental management

We will strive to ensure that our quality-conscious employees persist with the following actions in order ro deliver a quality service to our customers:

(a) Maintenance and implementation of a formal quality system in conformity with ISO 9001:2015

(b) Provision of relevant information, appropriate training and supervision to all our staff and subcontractors

(c) Promotion of Teamwork and Total Involvement on all our projects

(d) Implementation of Systems & Processes

Our objective is to continually improve the quality of our work so as to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction




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